The Line Up

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Matt Managing Director

Matt set up what is now a full-fledged, marketing & web agency while studying Business & Marketing at Bournemouth University. Operating throughout his 4-year degree, Matt’s start-up business entailed creating hand-coded websites and offering basic digital marketing services. Before graduation, Matt had successfully secured his first marketing & web ‘retainer’ with a local manufacturer.

Today Matt heads a team of 12 in-house professionals and, although the days of tactical tasks are long gone, still enjoys being involved in projects and meeting with clients; he oversees most large-scale projects, particularly ones that are web-based. Naturally, Matt is responsible for the overall strategy and planning of the business and regularly coordinates with senior management across the web development, client servicing and creative departments on key developments and requirements.

In addition to his responsibilities as Managing Director at EMSL, Matt is also a Director at two other software companies and acts in an advisory role for a small number of local businesses.

Outside of work, he can be found doting on his two young daughters, watching DVD box sets with his wife Kizzy or keeping fit with football and the gym. His neighbours don’t appreciate his midnight jam sessions on drums and guitar, but his ability to turn his eyelids inside out has kept them at bay so far!

Heather Technical Director

Our technical guru Heather heads our web development department and is the longest-serving member of the team, having joined EMSL in 2010. Since the age of 13, she has had a passion for all things technical, teaching herself Java, C, HTML, CSS and PHP which she later expanded on with her formal education.

She studied Computer Science at the University of Manchester where she earned a scholarship for academic attainment. Later, whilst continuing her studies at the University of Hertfordshire, she was awarded another scholarship, this time for User Interface Development.

As Technical Director, Heather is responsible for overseeing and implementing web and bespoke web app development projects as well as managing all maintenance work and updates. Heather has a long list of intimidatingly clever systems under her development belt including content management, eCommerce, social media integration and tailored client automation.

Outside of work, Heather’s interests are as diverse as they come; the ice hockey enthusiast who roots for NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins also enjoys swimming, gardening, video games, building web apps and websites and running a popular Sims fan site. If that’s not diverse enough for you, ask her about her bird-flapping origami skills.

Katia Client Services Director

Katia joined EMSL in 2015 and is responsible for overseeing all client relations, supervising, guiding and developing the client servicing team and playing an active role in the management and implementation of marketing activities and projects. Katia is multilingual and has an experience-driven understanding of strategy, brand and reputation management, which allows her to develop and manage effective communication strategies and messaging for clients, in line with their business objectives.

As a graduate of Film & Drama from the University of Reading, Katia began her career in television, but decided soon after that her passion lies in marketing. Over the past 17 years, Katia has acquired solid experience in marketing, corporate communications, PR and event management, working on both client and agency sides in London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Amman. Katia has represented many multinational brands across a number of industries including retail, FMCG, telecoms, government, automotive, gaming and real estate.

Katia’s passion outside of work lies in the arts; an ardent fan of foreign and independent films and trips to the theatre and museums. Her passion for kickboxing, salsa and sketching have taken a backseat and at some point she plans to stop making excuses. She claims she can climb up door frames and stay suspended at the top. We’ll believe it when we see it Spiderwoman!

Andy Bookkeeper / Administrator

Andy is our bookkeeper/administrator who joined us in 2017 and brings with him many years of business accounting and administration experience. Andy holds the RAPC B2 Trade qualification from the Royal Army Pay Corps Apprentices College, obtained during his time in the Armed Forces.

Over the past 40 years, Andy has accumulated a wealth of experience working in company finance for an array of businesses across the manufacturing, architecture and communications industries.

When not sorting out debits and credits, Andy’s love of photography means he can usually be found snapping away on his trusty camera. He also enjoys helping out at his partner's livery yard/riding school, towing horse trailers to local shows or just chilling out playing his guitar and annoying their dogs. Rumours have it his first impression of individuals is rarely wrong - we all hope we’re in his good books!

Helene Senior Account Manager

Our Senior Account Manager Helene joined us in 2014 and, ever since, has played a key role in managing client relationships within EMSL. As the main point of contact for many of our clients, Helene is responsible for supervising and implementing a range of marketing activities, from concept and planning all the way through to execution and reporting, across a range of communication platforms. A graduate of Textiles & Fashion Marketing from the University of Leeds, Helene is passionate about the design and marketing industry, and has accumulated over 10 years of agency experience.

From running around her young daughter and two dogs to running a small cake business from home, Helene is a master in disguise (joking aside, she IS a master cake baker and decorator). Did we forget to mention that she keeps the office entertained with her uncannily accurate monkey impressions?

Katie Marketing Campaign Manager

As one of our longest-serving team members, Katie joined EMSL in 2012 and is our go-to person for everything campaign related. She is responsible for planning, creating and executing tactical and strategic marketing campaigns for clients, specialising in digital marketing activities including PPC & Google AdWords, email marketing and social media. She is also responsible for traditional advertising campaigns, handling media plans and bookings for press and radio broadcast.

A CIM-qualified marketer with a degree in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies from Leeds University, Katie has garnered over 14 years’ experience in both B2B and B2C, having worked in marketing for the music, retail, bicycle and electrical industries, before joining EMSL in 2012.

She’s an avid runner, but is likely to skip a session if her Netflix addiction kicks in. She’s duly proud of her ability to play and sing The Cups Song and considers herself a true expert when it comes to applying her child negotiation and distraction skills in moments of parenting crises.  

Louis Senior Designer

Our Senior Designer Louis joined EMSL in 2014 and is responsible for overseeing all creative output for clients, managing all aspects of design and production across the agency’s graphic and digital projects.

Graduating in 2006 with a DipHE in Visual Communication Design, validated by Middlesex University, Louis has tirelessly worked his way up in the design world accumulating a wealth of experience on both in-house and agency levels within the City and the Home Counties.

When he’s not inundated with design requests, Louis splits his time between going to the gym and creating music. As a resident artist at BYBL Records, Louis produces music for the label and still manages to find the time to DJ at clubs across London and Ibiza along with many summer festivals. And we mustn’t forget to mention that he’s a (semi) retired MMA fighter, karate black belt and former self-defence instructor, so it’s well advised to keep your distance.

Fern Marketing Administrator

Fern joined EMSL in 2017 in the capacity of apprentice as part of her Digital Marketer Level 3 Apprenticeship with Solveway. With previous work experience in retail and beauty therapy and formal qualifications in the latter, Fern took the decision to follow a completely new path with marketing. Over the past year, her passion and dedication to the field have not wavered and she has successfully managed to balance her responsibilities at work with her academic commitments.

Fern plays an active role in a whole host of marketing services including social media management, content development, digital campaign optimisation, marketing and web reporting, as well as management of a number of accounts. She also supports her colleagues across the other departments in the agency.

Fern has been an avid tennis player since the age of five, participating in league games to this day. Her eclectic taste in music covers everything from Big Band and Motown to 80’s and Disco. With her ability to manipulate her body into the ‘crow’ yoga pose, we’re sure meditation music is also on her playlist.

Anthony Front End Developer

Anthony joined our web development team in 2017 and is responsible for front-end web development, HTML and CSS, WordPress, PSD to HTML and maintaining and updating websites.

Anthony’s love of design and passion for website building began in his early teens when he taught himself HTML and built his first website. He graduated with an honours degree in graphic design from the University of the West of England and has a background in technology design and art.

Anthony has since developed websites for a number of organisations across a wide variety of sectors. He has experience in bringing design concepts to life and writing clean, effective code in order to create innovative design solutions. He prides himself on having a logical approach to problem solving, great attention to detail and an eye for structure and balance.

Anthony is as committed to fitness as he is to web development, regularly taking up activities such as yoga, weight training, running and cycling. As part of his health regime, he enjoys cooking up some spicy heat in the kitchen with his favourite chilli being the Naga pepper. He has also perfected the art of cooking rice - we’re just waiting for that dinner invitation now!

Navid Senior Account Executive

Navid joined EMSL this year in the capacity of Senior Account Executive. Working closely with our support departments and the rest of the team in Client Servicing, Navid manages a number of key clients, liaising with them on a day-to-day basis to recommend and implement tailored marketing activities.

His love of marketing came to light during his years at the University of Buckingham, where he was studying for a degree in Marketing and Media Communications. Ever since, Navid has been applying his knowledge to various positions, building comprehensive marketing experience across a range of industries including healthcare, asset management, music and fashion.

Navid’s ability to clear a dance floor (in the good sense, of course) comes as a result of his exceptional talent in freestyle, street and hip-hop dance. Navid also enjoys travelling, photography and cooking a mean pasta bake. His inexplicable ability to blindly identify brands of crisps from the sound of the packet has led to him being nicknamed ‘Russell’.

Sarah Web Developer

Joining our web development team this year, Sarah provides back end development support and applies her solid experience in PHP and MySQL to create functional and clever database-driven websites.

Sarah’s interest in computers started from an early age when she got her hands on her first ZX Spectrum which progressed to the Commodore Amiga 500 then to PC and, finally, Mac. Obtaining her degree in Computer Science from the University of Manchester, Sarah garnered extensive experience as a Web Developer for a leading telecommunications company before joining EMSL.

Sarah’s interests are broad and varied, examples of which include calligraphy, photography, online gaming and classic board games. Currently, her biggest addiction is Pinterest where she is attempting pins, with varying degrees of success! Before having children, Sarah enjoyed an active life, full to the brim with pub quiz pub crawls. These days she can help you on nursery rhymes or CBeebies-related questions. Any takers?