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Examples of Direct Marketing Platforms

The most common forms of direct marketing are as follows:

Postal Campaigns

Direct marketing can include traditional postal campaigns such as letters, postcards and merchandise. Postal campaigns are becoming less and less common which can actually now work to your advantage. We often find that people aren’t overloaded with real, tangible mail to open, to the point it has almost become a novelty - increasing the chance of your campaign reaching the hands of its targeted recipient.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with management systems allowing us to target specific groups of people, send reminders on certain dates or nudge people who have left an item in their online shopping cart as just a few examples. A great advantage of email campaigns is our ability to be able to track and measure results including who opened your email, how many times and a huge range of other useful data.

Our team can advise on the type and scale of campaign most suited to achieve your objectives; from a single email or letter to a full-scale campaign involving concept creation, data purchase, all design requirements and the production of any type of print or merchandising.

Examples of Direct Marketing Platforms
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