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Beware of spam!


Over the Christmas and New Year period, there has been an increase in the number of spam emails being sent out. We've noticed this increase on our email servers, and although most of the spam is still prevented from reaching our clients' inboxes by our spam protection, an increased amount of spam is slipping past the filters.

We'll be working hard to improve our filters over the coming days, but while we do this, we're asking our clients to be especially cautious in looking out for spam emails. Spammers have become increasingly sophisticated over the past few years, and it can be tricky to tell what is spam and what is not. Watch out for these tell-tale signs of spam:

  • It is not addressed to you by name or by your company's name - most spam uses a generic greeting, so if an email isn't addressed to you, don't click on links or download attachments from the email.
  • It has an attachment - be particularly wary of opening email attachments. If in doubt, use your anti-virus software to scan any attachments you receive before opening them. Never open email attachments if you are not sure what they are.
  • It asks you to click a link - another way that spammers get viruses onto your computer is by asking you to click a link.
  • It is in a language you don't speak - senders of spam emails send these emails out en masse, and do not know what languages the recipient will speak. If you receive emails in Chinese or Russian and don't speak those languages, it's almost certainly a spam email.

If you think an email may be spam, do not open it, and do not download any attachments from it. If you repeatedly receive similar spam emails, you can help us to improve our spam filters by reporting some specific details about the email to us. Leave the email in your inbox, do not open it, and follow these instructions:

  • Do not open it.
  • Create a new email to with the subject \"SPAM REPORT\".
  • Include these details in your email:
    1. The date and time you received the email (according to your web mail or email client).
    2. The subject of the email (or as much of the subject as you can see if your email client does not display the whole subject without opening the email).
    3. Whether the email had attachments.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01462 676070 for assistance. In order to improve the filter, we need access to the email, so do not delete it until after you have spoken to us.

Beware of spam!

Beware of emails which include links or attachments, especially if you do not recognise the sender.

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