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Business email addresses – why use one?


A professional, business email address is vital for any company, even if you’re a small one-man band or startup. Think about it, someone at Coca-Cola or Google wouldn’t hand you a business card with a or email address, so why would you?

Here’s the scenario - you’ve found a business that offers the service you’re looking for and hit the contact us page of their website only to find they are sporting a or a email address. What does this make you think?

It can be alarming to some. It raises unwanted questions such as ‘how old is this business?’, ‘how many people work there?’, and most importantly ‘can I trust them with my needs?’.

Here is why you should set up a professional, business email address for your business as one of your first actions when setting up any new business:

Professionalism - A business email address sets the tone and automatically provides the appearance of an established and successful business, rather than someone working for a part time hobby.

Growth - Maybe you are a small business. One email address is fine for now, but later on down the line things can get complicated. New employees will need new emails. Having control of the domain ensures all possibilities are freed up.

John can simply become Clients receiving emails will quickly be able to tell who it’s from and that it’s an email from your company.

Security - Companies come and go, there is no guarantee Yahoo, Outlook or Gmail will be around forever. With owning your own domain, if issues such as your service provider disappearing occur, you can simply export your mail and point your domain to a new service and you're back in action, same email, business as usual.

A professional email address is easily affordable and simple to set up. Your business shop front includes your email address, so it definitely should not be overlooked.
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Business email addresses – why use one?
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