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Design: Getting the Balance Right



When a design is composed effectively, it just feels right without requiring too much justification or explanation. The design does it's job. It's pleasing to the audience, some of its individual elements may create focal points to convey key messages, but overall the design will not be distracting in any one particular area. This is important, as distraction can lead to missed information - essentially meaning your design has failed its purpose.

When I'm creating a new design I am effectively taking positive elements, such as images, text and headings, and then creating harmony between these and the negative space around them. The way I see it, it's my job to ensure that all of your elements are working together as a team!

Continuing that analogy, when your design is unbalanced as a result of bad composition then you have a dysfunctional team. Individuals overpowering other individuals creates tension and weakens the overall performance of the group. It's the same here. (Of course I should add unbalanced designs are sometimes created intentionally, though more often than not a good composition is well balanced.)

At EMSL, we are experts in design composition and getting that balance just right. We know exactly how to convey your message, determine and then highlight the key information, all whilst holding on to all the other important aspects to your communication, resulting in a well-rounded, \"balanced\" design composition. If you need some support for your next design project - please do get in touch.

Design: Getting the Balance Right

We are experts in design composition and getting that balance just right...

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