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EMSL's Top 3 Email Marketing Tips


Email marketing is one of the most popular and successful online marketing channels. This is because it gives you a chance to speak  directly to your customers, in their inbox, at a time that is suitable for them. It is widely used today by businesses worldwide across a spectrum of  industries. Sending out email marketing campaigns is vital for building relationships, attracting potential prospects and engaging with existing customers. Assuming it fits in with your business strategy, we highly recommend  adding email marketing into your next marketing plan. With that being said, here are EMSL’s top 3 recommended tips to consider when setting up your email marketing strategy: 

Ultimate Subject Lines.

This is where it all begins…. the subject line is one of the main deciding factors to whether your subscriber opens or deletes your email, so it’s important you get it right by intriguing your subscriber to click. When writing a subject line, ask yourself; what is your email objective? How does it  connect with your subscribers? Can I add some personality based on my branding strategy? It doesn’t always need to be over-complicated, choosing simple and straightforward subject lines can get your point across effectively and your customers will know the nature of the email.

To make sure you cover all measures of effective subject lines, EMSL recommends A/B testing. That way, you are able to test two variables to a percentage of people to see which one has a higher open rate, this can help gain a perspective in your consumers behaviour in every email. 

Short and Sweet.

In today’s world, grabbing the attention of the reader is difficult, especially in a crowded inbox where every email has the same objective. In order to stand out, the content in your email has to be clear and concise so your subscribers can ‘get the message’ quickly. The idea is to inform your subscribers of your offers/updates in the simplest way possible whilst giving them an easy ‘call-to-action’ option. 

We recommend the best way to keep your emails punchy and  to-the-point is by using bullet points to break up your email. Also having one strong call-to-action per email is more effective than adding a few. Make sure your email is mobile-friendly too!

Consistency is Key. 

Ensuring your email schedule is consistent, with emails  going out to your database regularly is key to maintaining regular and consistent brand awareness. This is because sending regular, engaging and informative emails will be a constant reminder to the consumer about your brand. Studies show that people check their emails daily which means sending regular emails can be beneficial to your brand so you can build relationships and nurture your list of loyal subscribers. 

We carefully consider the best frequency rate to send emails  based on your industry, customer base and products your business is selling. As a result of this, your risk of your emails being considered spam to your database is minimal due to careful planning. 

Are you looking for ways to improve your email marketing strategy? Please call us on 01462 676070 or email us at,  we’d love to hear from you!  


EMSL's Top 3 Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips 

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