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Make the most of your email marketing, for free!


Everyone loves MailChimp. It's used by some of the biggest brands and biggest agencies around the globe. What makes MailChimp so great is it's incredibly easy to use and they really have their finger on the pulse, bringing us new and improved features and tools that are genuinely useful.

In 2017, MailChimp made their automation functions free for all users, so even those on free accounts (those of us with less than 2000  subscribers) could take advantage of them.

Automation simply means email campaigns which you can design and schedule for MailChimp to send out automatically on your behalf based on certain triggers, for example on a certain date or based on subscriber activity.

There is a long list of automations to take advantage of,  some are more suitable than others depending on the type of business you have (for example, there are some fantastic tools for businesses with online shops).

One of my favourites and a great automation to start with is the automated welcome message. This tool allows you to design a great welcome  email, welcoming new subscribers to your mailing list. Not only does this  confirm to customers that their request has been received and they are on your list, but it also gives you the opportunity to start up a dialogue, direct customers to certain areas of your website or social accounts or include a welcome incentive such as a discount. This automation can be set to send as soon as a user signs up to your list, a few hours or even a few days later - whatever you feel is right for your offering.

If you're looking to make more of your email marketing - we can help in all areas, making sure the right message is communicated at the right time. Get in touch and see how we could help your business.

Make the most of your email marketing, for free!
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