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Getting double-vision this Xmas


No we’re not talking too much sherry, we’re discussing the double-screen phenomenon. 

This Christmas millions of families will sit down in front of their television - and that could present you with a big (low cost) opportunity.  Broadcast tele may seem like something from yesteryear, but by combining it with some well-placed social media you can create a powerful way to keep in touch with your customers over the festive period. 

What’s double screening?

Double screening or dual screening is the art of watching TV whilst simultaneously using a connected device (such as a laptop, tablet or mobile).  It makes TV, films and the big televised events a more immersive experience. Allowing people to connect with others across the country to discuss, enjoy and argue about the same broadcast.

The rise of the dual screen 

Did you know that two-thirds of all adults in UK use a connected device while they watch TV? This number gets even higher - up to 93% -  when you focus on under 25s. Yep, Millennials still watch TV. And the Baby-Boomers are also at it, with 45% (and rising) doing the same. 

More people than ever are using smart TVs, top-set boxes and subscription services such as Netflix and Amazon, to decide what and when to watch TV. Yet a whopping 41% will still be watching scheduled TV for five or more hours on Christmas Day alone. 

Christmas social media tips 

To take advantage of this captive audience (where else will they be going?) you’ll need to get your social media plans whipped into shape.  But worry not, we’ve some top dual-screening tips to help you deck-the-halls (and TV schedule) with a sprinkle of festive cheer this Christmas:

  • Planning ahead The Radio Times isn't just a Christmas tradition, it’s an essential piece of kit for planning what you’re going to be talking about! 
  • Choose one platform:  No need to go mad - the best social media platforms for double screening are Twitter and Instagram. 
  • Be selective:   Put yourselves in your audience’s shoes - what do they like, what are they most likely to be watching. You know them and their tastes
  • Get creative: Don't just jump on the bandwagon of all the top TV events (Eastenders/Corrie).  They’re going to heaving with chat. So get creative and think about smaller moments on the TV schedule (those lurking on places like BBC2 and 4 or ITV2)
  • Going live:  We know it’s unlikely you’ll want to switch on your work phone on Christmas day, but if you can spare 10 mins in the morning, afternoon and evening that would be ideal.  You may even want to just to pick one TV moment to focus on and schedule everything else.
    Just make sure you get someone else to double check your spelling - that snowball may be more potent than you thought! 
  • Get them sharing:  Always tell people what you want them to do.  But remember, your organisation may not be around to respond if the office isn't open.  So keep it realistic  (e.g. ‘share this/ read more’ rather than ‘give us a call’) 
  • Hashtags & mentions: Make sure you’re using the rights one for each TV moment.  And add the account handle (@) or an actor’s own into your post (television press releases will have these details). 
  • Set expectations:  You’re not going to around 24/7 to answer questions over Christmas, so pop in your profile bio when your organisation will be checking its social media accounts. That way audiences know what to expect.

Happy double screening this Christmas!

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Getting double-vision this Xmas
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