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When it comes to our productivity, especially in the work place, we're all pretty obsessed. With heavy workloads, the euphoria felt from a productive day at work is heavenly and has us all looking for ways to up our productivity levels. But how can we be more productive when we're already so busy?

Don't confuse productivity with volume

In today's digital age, staying focused on one task can be a struggle. With calls, texts, emails and social media notifications (often across multiple devices) all competing for our attention it’s a wonder we get anything done at all! This is where we need to master the art of staying focused. Stayed focused is your key to success. It's not about ticking a million things off your to-do list, it's about doing a few things - and doing them well. 

Below are a few tips to level up your productivity game!

  • Make a list, prioritise it and stick to it.
  • Eat that frog! ie. do your biggest/most  challenging job in the morning
  • Take more breaks - to recharge your focus
  • Create a system that works for you
  • Reduce clutter & distractions - physical and  digital!
  • Stop multi-tasking!

 Great, but what's  in it for me?

Studies show that productive people are happier! A sense of accomplishment gets those feel-good chemicals flowing. You'll also get more  done, make more of your time, make your life easier, have more time in the day  for other things and work on your personal development while you're at it!

 Top tip to try  this week

This week at EMSL HQ, we're collectively trying this productivity tip to kick start our days in the right way. Why not try it  yourself?

No smartphone  during the first hour of your day!

Your phone is a primary distraction during your day. Don't let app's interrupt you during the first hour of your morning. Instead, use that time to practise a little wellness: prepare for the day ahead, read, talk, exercise, walk the dog or simply enjoy a digital-free breakfast or a coffee. 

We'd love to know how you get on!


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