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How To Write That All Important Website Content


The secret to good website content is to know what your visitors want – and then give it to them. Having effective website content can not only look professional but can grow website conversions and sales. 

Start with keyword research for SEO – This is one of the most important and valuable ways of effective SEO. Make a list of important, relevant topics based on what you know about your business. By researching keywords for your industry, you can not only learn what the best keywords & phrases to target are but you can also learn about your customers. 

Avoid industry jargon – If jargon includes paragraphs of industry content that only a small group of people will understand, then don’t use it when writing something for a general audience. Try to include context in sentences to make it easier for visitors to understand what your business is offering. Make it simple but engaging so they want to read more! 

Provide all the relevant information – Always focus on value first. If a potential customer is visiting your site for the first time, they want to find out something about the company, a product, or a service. No matter what the case might be, website content is essential and must also feature a few elements that are different than other types of content. If your main business focus is on plants for example, then there's no point in talking about finance - Google will not find you! Keep your content as relevant and original as possible. 

Make your home page to-the-point – The first thing your visitors see is your home page. Make it appealing to look at and easy for them to navigate. Have your logo at the top of the page so they remember your brand and create a site menu featuring the most important pages of your website, allowing customers to quickly navigate their way around. If you have a business where customers need to login, then have an easy accessible entry point. Have an appealing main image, this is likely to be the largest, most prominent element on your homepage. Lastly, an engaging headline which is straight to the point. 

Let pictures help tell your story – You don’t have to rely on words to tell a story, images are an important part of the content of your website. To instantly grab viewers’ attention, include high-quality images to show off your products or to enhance your branding and design. You must ensure all your images are the right size and responsive so that your website loads quickly on any device, this can also help with your SEO. 

If you’re looking to improve your website content – we can help to make sure the right message is communicated to the right audience. Get in touch with EMSL and see how we could help your business. 


How To Write That All Important Website Content
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