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Keeping websites up to date


Where our world is increasingly online, it is important to keep your online presence tidy and relevant. Your customers will be pleased if you keep them up to date with any developments, and any new visitors to your site want to see up to date content to show that you are engaged and busy. Adding new content improves your Google Rankings as well, so when a new customer googles relevant words to you it is likely that your website will appear higher up in the search.

If you have Twitter or Facebook business accounts that you keep regularly updated you can link these on your website and that lets new customers see what you are up to and allow them to follow you easily on social media. Also, if it has been a while since you updated the look of your website, that can be obvious to a customer. A bit of a refresh every few years is good to keep your site looking current.  

Keeping the software for your website up to date is good for security, older platforms get targeted for security loopholes and are difficult to manage.  For example, WordPress updates their software regularly when exploits are discovered. You should be trying to keep your site updated and make sure that you do as much as you can to keep yourself secure on your side (use long secure passwords, have two-factor authentication on for your website login and if you are hosting the site yourself use a reliable hosting company). 

Legislation regarding cookies has recently updated, and any information that is stored needs to be GDPR compliant as of May 2018 - make sure you are up to date with what this means for you and your website.

If you need a hand with keeping your website up to date, our team of web designers and marketers are here to help with our website management services. Ready to talk? Give us a call on 01462 67 60 70.

Keeping websites up to date
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