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How to Join a Remote Meeting with EMSL (Google Hangouts)


At EMSL we’re ready for remote meetings and are happy to book meetings remotely with our clients. If you’re self-isolating or working from home, your regular meetings with your account manager at EMSL do not need to wait.

At EMSL, we use Google Hangouts for remote meetings. Here’s how to join a remote meeting with us:

  1. To start, we recommend using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. If you don't use it already, you can download it here. It's free!

  2. When we have arranged a meeting with you, we’ll email you a link to the Hangout – simply click the link to start.

  3. A message will appear at the top of your window – click allow. You’ll only need to do this once, to give Hangouts permission to use your camera & microphone.

  4. The website will now show you your webcam – check that it’s working. You can also check that your microphone is working now – when you speak, the green dots in the bottom left will react to your voice.

  5. When you’re ready, enter your name, click “Ask to join”, and wait. When we're ready to start, we'll click a button to bring you into the meeting.*

  6. You’ll be able to see and hear all the other participants in the meeting. When someone is speaking, their video feed will move to the larger portion automatically.

  7. If you need to show us your screen during your meeting, choose “Present now” and then “entire screen” – if you have multiple screens connected, you will then be asked to choose a screen to present from.

* If you currently use Google’s GSuite for business, you can also visit and click on the meeting in your calendar, then choose “Join Hangouts Meet”. You will not need to enter your name before joining, and you won’t need to wait to be admitted to the meeting.

If your business is increasing home working and you want to hold more meetings remotely, Google is currently waiving the cost of their Hangouts Premium offering - find out more here.

A Google Hangouts remote meeting.
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