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Responsive Design? Don't forget about large screens too!


The revolution that is responsive design is truly upon us, and in fact, with the use of so many different viewing platforms now available, unresponsive web pages could almost be considered obsolete.

At E Marketing Support we take great care in considering how our web designs will scale from small mobile devices through tablets and handhelds right up to very large desktop screens and Macs. It's true that all good website developers will consider mobile platforms now, but how often to you hear the words ‘responsive upscaling’?

Unfortunately, little attention is paid to the user experience for people using very large screens. They are often lumped in with 'standard' desktop sizes, which we'd argue could be a mistake. At EMSL we take user experience very seriously and have recently invested a considerable amount of time and effort in determining how we best serve users across all screen sizes, from the very large to the very small.

Aligned with statistical research on which screen sizes are the most commonly used, and also which are not, we have a number of clever ways to scale our designs to suit the users device - whatever size it might be. If you are in need of a website which delivers your message in the most user-friendly way, please do get in touch with E Marketing Support today. We’d love to discuss your requirements!

Responsive Design? Don't forget about large screens too!

Unresponsive web pages could almost be considered obsolete

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