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The Social Media Circus – To tweet or not to tweet?


Social media is the new kid on the marketing block and like it or loathe it, Social Media has already made its mark with a recorded 91% of online adults using one form or another last year.

For businesses, social media can be an almost unheard of free, effective and personal way of engaging with your audience. But as with everything it comes with its risks and pitfalls.

Last year Facebook was the favourite for businesses to use as their social media platform closely followed by Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest. However each business is different and each platform will suit some more than others, Facebook may suit consumer marketing while Linkedin works great for business to business. Our outsourced marketing department can help you select the right channel for you and your customers.

So how do you go about creating your social media campaign?

Well you start by defining your objectives, do you want to attract new customers or support existing ones? Does your social media channel facilitate your objective and do you have the allocated time needed to maintain and engage with your customers on a daily basis?

Many of the most successful social media campaigns are created to inform, educate or entertain. Not to sell. Social Media will not necessarily put pounds directly in your pocket, but it can increase your brand awareness, build your consumer popularity and add value to your customer service and experience. All these things may edge you above and beyond your competitors when the customer decision making process is in motion.

As a marketing agency we can work with you to create a targeted social media campaign, allowing you to benefit from the highs of social media without forfeiting your all-important time and attention that your social media campaign needs in order to thrive.

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91% of online adults used social media in one form or another last year

So how do you go about creating your social media campaign?

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