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Some advice about Email Services


Our clients often ask me for advice on getting their email  accounts set up in a professional but affordable way. There are so many options available to businesses now and many are finding themselves ‘stuck’ on an old set up that isn’t offering the functionality others have come to consider standard. This might include things like easy access from multiple devices,  sharing documents with colleagues, sending large files and so much more. So, what do we recommend and how does it all work?


Some Background

First, you need understand a little about how it works. Our domain name is It is used for our website traffic ( and our email services (e.g. We get involved in helping clients with email services because we often take care of their domain names.

When someone sends you an email, the sender’s system goes off looking for the domain name. When it finds it, it can access some settings that will point emails to the correct server. These are known as MX records. If we hold your domain name we’re probably responsible for controlling where these MX records point.
What happens thereafter depends on your own set up. If we look after your domains we can point your MX records wherever you like – meaning you can choose to use any email service you want. Most companies big and small will either have an IT company that just takes care of things for them or an account with someone like Microsoft or Google who essential manage everything for them. Some businesses still use their website server for emails as well, which is perfectly fine for very small businesses with just a few users and relatively low volumes of traffic. 


What do EMSL use?

At EMSL we have upwards of 10 users so we use Google. Their email service is known as G Suite and we love it! It offers us super secure and reliable access to our emails across multiple devices, as well as shared calendars, contact management, document sharing, video conferencing and loads more besides. It currently costs us about £3.30 per month per user, so it’s not expensive either. 


What do we recommend?

The short answer is G Suite, but if you’re a client of ours and need some advice about improving your email services, we can almost certainly help. We can set you up with whichever email service you choose, and offer advice about which ones best suit your needs. If you’re interested to learn more, please do get in touch. 


Some advice about Email Services
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