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Team EMSL - Thank You. You Are Amazing


I’m not normally one to hijack the company website and social media accounts for public displays of gratitude, but I think given the circumstances, it’s justified. I just wanted to say I’m so proud of my team at EMSL – I always have been, but now more so than ever.

We’ve stuck together through some very challenging circumstances, no one has complained or made a fuss. They’ve made sacrifices, they’ve worked very long hours and most importantly they have ensured that EMSL continues to deliver what we and our clients need during these truly unprecedented times. And we have delivered some amazing projects over the last few weeks. Projects that will make a huge difference to numerous businesses and to hundreds if not thousands of people’s lives.

So, I wanted everyone to know that! 

Here’s a quick, fun video. (They did know we were making this obviously, but they didn’t know what I planned to do with it. Until now that is…)

Thank you Team EMSL. We might be apart, but we’re stronger than ever.


Matt x

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