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Top Tips for Social Media Management


So, you've been tasked with controlling social media for your company and understandably, you're feeling a little overwhelmed.
No need to panic, below are a few helpful tips for social media marketeers for small to medium sized businesses to get you on your way

Navigating the platform minefield

The number of platforms at our disposal today is vast and choosing the right channels is crucial, not just for looking competent but for reaching the right audience. Take time to research which are best to represent your business and keep it limited to a manageable number. Bare in mind, a poor social media presence can be worse than no presence at all. Question if you'll have time to keep all your chosen channels active before taking the plunge.

Quality, not quantity

Content is key - don't be tempted to churn out meaningless material or re-post every story you see. Think about what is really relevant to your industry and your customers. Remember this is not a personal site - you are the voice of your brand, and content and tone of voice should represent the brand accordingly. You can still retain an element of fun and entertainment, (it is social media after all) but be mindful of finding the right balance.

Make friends

Don't just lecture, social media is not a pitch or a direct sales platform. Take the time to engage with your audience - ask them questions, reply to their answers, be social! Be savvy with replies, respond to comments swiftly and professionally - especially complaints. Remember, it isn't personal. Discover businesses that complement yours (but avoid your direct competitors!), it's always good to show your support, you never know when you might need it back.

Set goals

Don't just drift aimlessly, set yourself some goals - whether that's customer engagement or number of followers. Take time out to plan what you are going to say and discuss, it will make the process a whole lot smoother and less stressful. Review your goals frequently and note where you can make improvements. Most platforms offer some sort of free statistical data, use it to your advantage.

Following these simple these guidelines will set you in good stead for your social media ventures.

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Top Tips for Social Media Management

Content is key - don't be tempted to churn out meaningless material or re-post every story you see.

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