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Social media platforms like Twitter are a great way of increasing brand awareness, providing updates (formal and informal) and demonstrating your brand personality.  

Keeping the growth going on Twitter can be a struggle for some businesses, many spend a lot of time and energy building Twitter pages but don't see the results they want. At EMSL we can improve your social media presence by doing a variety of the following things:

1. Twitter Profile - Having a Twitter profile with a detailed explanation of who you are can help visitors to see what your business is offering. 

2. Profile Picture - The first thing a visitor sees when they click on your profile is the image, make sure your photo is clear and professional. If you have a logo then this should be used as your profile picture, along with a striking header image which could be used to promote your services/products. 

3. Website Link - Always include a link to your website from your profile page, then that way if visitors want to know more about the services/products you offer, they can go to your website. Potential customers can also see that you are a trusted business.

4. Following - Connect with others who you find interesting like clients, organisations, people you know etc, they might then follow you back if you have engaging content or you are someone they know. 

5. Follow Back - If people follow you and they look interesting, then follow them back to see what they've got to say.

6. Twitter Lingo - Get up to speed with Twitter's glossary. Hashtag, retweeting, like and tagging are all great ways to engage with your target audience.

7. Engaging Content - What do they want to know? Post information that you think they'd find useful and interesting with links to articles, videos, relevant news and to your website. Also tell them a bit about you, what are you up to? What's news? 

8. Lists - Organise your connections into lists, this will make it much easier for you to keep up to date with what your competitors/customers are doing. 

9. Consistency - Posting frequently within peak traffic times can help reach potential customers. You don't want to bore your followers with the same content everyday so mixing it up is very important with relevant retweets in between. Checking what others are posting can also keep you up-to-date and replying to messages promptly is also very important. 

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Twitter Tips
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