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Vivid Colour Minimalism


We're moving into another year, and it's a great point to stop and reflect on how design trends closed for 2018, and what we can expect to see in the year ahead of us.

One of many tendencies we predict for 2019, is the continuity of an already extremely popular minimalist design culture, but with further introduction of vivid colours, particularly online where the RGB colour model can be heavily applied.

A great example of how to get this right, is to look how innovators such as Apple, have began accentuate their already-established love for minimalism with real intense of colour. When companies like Apple adopt things, it's safe to assume many companies will follow.

For a long time across almost the last decade, minimalism has been dominated by safer, pastel and sometimes generally very ‘tame’ colour palettes in order to gain the desired effect.

As we move deeper into 2019, expect to see more and more colours in marketing materials combined with relatively uncomplicated design structure, both online and offline, as forward-thinking companies continue to latch onto this design style.

Vivid Colour Minimalism
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