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Keeping Things Secure

Our website hosting packages are all kept safe by finely tuned firewalls and DDoS protection. To help keep your visitors safe, we include SSL certificates as standard with new website projects. Plus, our High Performance and VPS hosting are configured to pass PCI-DSS checks as standard, which is a typical requirement for e-commerce applications.

Simple & Scalable

Our hosting comes in three tiers - standard, high performance, and VPS. Most of our clients use our standard website hosting, however for more demanding websites with lots of visitors, we can also offer higher performance and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. We can easily upgrade or downgrade a website’s hosting at any time, so you won’t get ‘stuck’ on the wrong type of hosting.

The Technical Bit...

  • Weekly & monthly backups stored on a separate server to your website (as an optional upgrade, we can create daily backups)
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • DDoS protection - keeping your website safe from random and targeted attacks
  • SSD storage - all our hosting packages use Solid State Drives for all their files and databases, allowing them to respond faster
  • Hosting for unlimited websites - do you have multiple websites for different brands or divisions of your business? We will host them all in one place at no extra cost
  • Basic email hosting for unlimited email addresses
  • PCI-DSS compliance for advanced e-commerce sites
  • Backups every 6 hours for your peace of mind, stored on a separate server to your website
  • Free SSL Certificates, to serve your website over https
  • From 50GB SSD storage to unlimited SSD storage, depending on your website’s needs
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • DDoS protection
  • Hosting for unlimited websites
  • Basic email hosting for unlimited email addresses

Our VPS hosting can offer between:

  • 1 to 16 CPU cores
  • 1GB to 64GB of RAM
  • 20GB to 500GB of SSD storage
  • 1 - 5 dedicated IP addresses
  • Weekly and monthly backups, or daily backups, or backups every 6 hours, to suit your needs

A  VPS hosting package can be upgraded or downgraded at any time, to add or remove  CPU cores, RAM, storage, or IP addresses, so we can ensure your hosting keeps  up with your website’s needs.

Domain Names

As well as hosting your website, we can also manage your domain names for you. We can take care of:

  • Renewals - We will let you know two months before your domain renewal is due, and we will handle the renewal for you, so you won’t risk losing your domain.
  • DNS Management - DNS is what tells computers and other devices where to find your website, and where to send emails. We will look after your DNS records to ensure to keep it all working.
  • Transfers - If you currently hold your domains with another provider but would like us to manage them for you, we can help you to organise the transfer.

Email Services

We find that the vast majority of our customers want a reliable, simple, professional email service – that can be used across multiple devices and by numerous staff. We can help you get set up with any email service provider, including G Suite (Gmail for Business users) or Microsoft Outlook. 

Furthermore, as with most industry standard hosting packages, our hosting includes basic email services at no additional cost, so whatever your requirements are, we can help as much or as little as you need. 

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