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Getting to the ‘Top of Google’

Everyone wants their website to be ‘at the top of Google’ and the other search engines. We can help. Ultimately, the objective is often about generating more enquiries. Our expert team can help you to achieve this through a variety of SEO and non-SEO activities.
(SEO means Search Engine Optimisation).

Getting to the ‘Top of Google’

Faster websites get
better results

Ensuring that visitors don’t have to wait for a page to load helps to engage them with your website and with your business.

We use various performance tools and metrics to help us to evaluate and monitor our clients’ websites. For example, whenever we are working on a new website we will run it through Google PageSpeed Insights to help us to optimise its pages.

And Reacting

For our website management clients with technical support, we will also put their website on our uptime monitoring service. This allows us to check, up to once per minute, that their website is live and performing at the expected speed. If anything is not working as expected, we will quickly be informed so we can take action.

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