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Chilfen Export Packaging

Chilfen Export Packaging
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Chilfen Export Packaging Ltd, part of the Chilfen Group, specialise in the design, manufacture and delivery of bespoke timber packaging products & services, working with businesses from across a multitude of industries throughout the UK.


Chilfen Export Packaging acquired fellow packaging company Trafalgar Cases Ltd in 2016. Working with EMSL we have created a new umbrella brand for the businesses – Chilfen Timber Packaging division. The acquisition required creating one website for the division, whilst retaining the two brand identities.

EMSL created a new single website, incorporating the content from both businesses. The result is an easy to navigate website that clearly highlights the products, services and USPs of both businesses under a uniform identity.

Bespoke Web App

Chilfen Export Packaging are ISO 9001 certified. In order to maintain their certification, Chilfen Export Packaging must gather client feedback on a regular occasion to monitor the quality of their goods and services for quality assurance purposes.

EMSL created an easy to use system for Chilfen Export Packaging that would allow staff to capture vital information whilst on phone calls with customers. The feedback system was in the form of an online form with simple questions and tick boxes.

The brief was for a system that was totally non-intrusive and could be worked in to a natural conversation flow. The system included a secure log in area for data entry and dynamic tracking of customer feedback, also tracking who entered the data and when. Smart factors were included such as tracking when certain customers were last asked particular questions. CEP are able to group certain customers in order to keep an eye of high value customers and export data as required.

This bespoke app has been vital tool for Chilfen Export Packaging in effectively monitoring customer satisfaction. It has been a big time saver and has made recording information for the purpose of their ISO 9001 certification much easier.

Company Rebrand

Company Rebrand

Chilfen Export Packaging required a complete company rebrand, this included not only a physical identity in form of a new logo and building signage but also corporate messaging documents and printed marketing materials.

EMSL created a new, modernised logo for Chilfen Export Packaging that paid homage to their original identity. We introduced a refreshed colour palette and designed and installed both internal and external building signage. The rebrand also included messaging documents, internal documents, merchandising, uniforms, vehicle signage and an update of their website and social media channels.

The result was a completely revitalised and refreshed brand, positioning Chilfen Export Packaging as a leading player in the export packaging market.