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For over 60 years, Ogle have remained at the forefront of the model making and prototyping world. They offer world class Rapid Prototyping, Laser Sintering, 3D Printing & Model Making Services to Companies around the world in the fastest possible timescales.


Website www.oglemodels.com

EMSL were tasked with providing a significant revamp of the company website, reworking the entire structure and layout and ensuring all parts were responsive. The look and feel throughout needed to be updated significantly. Usability of the front and back ends of the site were a high priority in all work undertaken.

We had a long-standing relationship with Ogle Models before undertaking this website project, having delivered Marketing Services for a number of years. We worked closely with the team at Ogle and their external partners to determine the priorities for the project. With a firm focus on establishing the company as the leading expert in their field and generating enquiries the website was developed with a firm set of measurable objectives.

With specific measurable objectives, including number of calls, emails and quotation requests - the website performs well and generates a good number of cold enquiries each month. Totally reworked news and case study sections help the business to communicate its expertise in a number of state of the art complex processes.